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​VacancyCentre (VC) is an established recruitment firm focused on servicing organisations’ talent resource requirements in Finance, Compliance and Technology. One of the elements that sets VC apart from other recruitment firms, is its strong consultancy arm, enabling it to offer other services such as Outplacement and HR consultancy. Backed by a multi-disciplinary Employment Advisory team, VC can tap into a pool of professionals hailing from a wide spectrum of specialisations including Law, Psychology, HR, Accountancy and Management. These professionals can come together to assist any employment issue, thus providing VC’s clients access to complete talent solutions.

HR Consulting

Whilst large companies can employ an HR team with members having different area of specialisations, the majority of small to medium sized enterprises cannot justify the investment in having such a specialised department. Some companies may do without an appointed HR professional entirely, which often results in other roles within the organisation becoming increasingly burdened with matters that they may not have the bandwidth or expertise to handle.

Managing directors may end up spending a significant portion of the week fire-fighting due to poor employee performance or staff turnover. In a similar vein, finance managers often find themselves answering payroll related queries instead of focusing on the financial projections of the next quarter.

When an HR consultant is brought on board, they will analyse where the core pain points are and immediately propose short to long term solutions. Having years of HR experience behind them, these professionals familiarise themselves quickly with the organisation and offer a fresh perspective to where change may be necessary and whether surface level issues are being caused by underlying matters.

Aside from consulting top management, the needs of the organisation are at times purely practical. Part of the service may involve the outsourcing of policies and procedures, drafting of an employee handbook or the implementation of key HR processes to help the organisation maintain its momentum and address its growth and people related needs.

There are also times when organisations require an HR professional who can plug and play while it goes through a phase of restructuring or major changes. Seasoned HR consultants would have both the expertise of how such restructuring can be managed but also how change is communicated and what ripple effects to expect and mitigate against. In such instances outsourcing would be a smart move since the organisation can immediately reap the benefit of the expertise at hand as it manoeuvres through tight waters. This added assistance would come without the long-term commitment of recruiting a full-time member of staff or the need to train someone junior who may not be as experienced to handle a critical situation.

As industries operate in increasingly complex scenarios, roping in experienced and trusted professionals at the right time, can make the difference between success and failure. At VC we can help you address your HR needs by bringing the right HR consultant on board to dovetail to the needs of your business. Contact us at jobs@vacancycentre.com for more information.

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Talent solutions you can trust. Unleash your professional career within Finance, Compliance and Technology.

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Talent solutions you can trust. Unleash your professional career within Finance, Compliance and Technology.

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